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Parent Corner

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Welcome to Parent Corner, crafted by our Early Childhood Licensed Family Educators, specifically for the families of our youngest learners.

If you have a parenting question or concern, don't hesitate to reach out to one of our Family Educators. They're here to help connect you to supports and resources tailored to your needs.

It's Never Too Early for Literacy
Kim Goodmanson

Since 85-90% of brain growth occurs in the first five years of life, exposure to books, words and language is important to set children up for future success. Reading to your child, beginning at birth, helps them build connections in their brain, build vocabulary and be ready for kindergarten. Read the article for more information.

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The Benefits of Being Outdoors
Angie Reed

How does outdoor play help physical development? When compared with their peers, kids who spend more time outdoors typically improve their motor skills, body mass index, overall health and muscle strength.  Read the article for more information!

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Growing Up Digital
Kim Goodmanson

As technology becomes more and more a part of everyday life, it is important to help teach kids how to be responsible digital citizens. Read this month's article for some ideas!

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Movement and Exercise Help Kids Learn
Angie Reed

When children run around, their brains are getting a bubble bath of good neurochemicals, neurotransmitters and endorphins. These help memory and mood. Read more about movement and exercise in this month's article.

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Kim Goodmanson

During the preschool and early elementary years children may gravitate towards certain friends but they also are usually able to play with whoever is in front of them at the moment. As children grow friendships can become a bit more complicated. Read on for great information on friendships!

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