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Early Childhood is a broad term used to describe opportunities for families & their children, ages birth to kindergarten entrance. At Cambridge-Isanti we use the term “Early Childhood” to refer to all of our programs, like an umbrella. Early Childhood can include:

  • ECFE (classes that parent & child attend together)
  • Preschool (child attends on their own)
  • School Readiness (a tuition assistance program for preschool),
  • Early Childhood Screening (the Minnesota required screening that every child must have before entering Kindergarten)
  • Early Childhood Special Education, with services for children ages birth to kindergarten entrance for any special needs that have been identified.

Cambridge-Isanti Preschool provides educational experiences that enhance the cognitive, literacy, emotional, social and physical development of children ages three to five years. 

Cambridge-Isanti Preschool’s Focus of Learning is based on the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress from the Minnesota Department of Education. Meaningful unit themes spark children's interest and connect the different learning areas of the lesson plan.  Various learning activities that relate to and expand each unit theme maximize the learning experience.  The preschool staff is responsible for planning and creating activities that help children experience the joy of learning.  Overall, our goal is to help children develop the foundational skills and attitudes that will contribute to future educational success.


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Kim Goodmanson

Kim Goodmanson

Early Childhood Coordinator